Guiding You Through Your Journey Of Yoga

I have been practicing yoga since my childhood and teaching from more than a decade. If you want to become a yoga teacher or want to start your practice but don`t know how to start then connect with me and I will help you through your journey of yoga.

What I Offer

I love to share the knowledge, traditional teaching of yoga and Vedic philosophy which I have learnt from the masters

Teacher Training

Do you want to start your journey as a professional yoga teacher? Are you looking for a yoga teacher training course?

I teach Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training courses in India and Cambodia. You may interested in…

Online Classes

Live online yoga classes are quite popular right now, you are more flexible to join the sessions from your own home.

I offer online yoga classes for groups and private session too. If you want to join then have look…

Wellness Retreats

Yoga and wellness retreats are perfect to relax and rejuvenate, take few days off and dwell deep into peace.

I offer various yoga and wellness retreats for everyone, you may interested to join and explore yourself… 

Need Advice?

If you have any doubt or want to know about yoga and looking for genuine answer then feel free to write me.

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My eCourses

eCourses are perfect for you, if you want to learn in your own phase at your own place. I have pre-recorded the sessions, you can access them anytime & anywhere. Check them out and find the right one for you.

Online Yoga

Live Online Yoga Classes – Practice At Your Own Place

Group Sessions

Join my live online yoga classes. You can practice at your own place. I teach various yoga classes, check it out and join today.

Private Session

I offer private session, if you wish to practice one to one then you may book for my private session.

My Story

From a traditional Indian family, learning Yoga from an early age. I have completed my graduation in Philosophy, Sanskrit and Hindi & Master Degree in Yoga & Meditation. I have also studied the Vedas, varying philosophies and Naturopathy. I have been teaching yoga since 2007 I have started teaching yoga to kids in the schools and then yoga ashrams, colleges, universities, institutes and NGO‘s. Teaching 1000’s of international students 200 and 300 hour courses since 2012. Establishing a solid student community worldwide. I travel to teach in various countries.

I love to share the practice of Yoga in a traditional, simple, calm manner, with precise and clear direction. Bringing depth and understanding of the true teachings of Yoga. Personal grace and honor to this sacred practice is always maintained to the highest level. Namaste!

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