Hi, I`m Madhav

My Story

I born in a traditional Indian family. I grow up in small village in central part of India. I have started yoga practice when I was around 10 year old.  I used to do yoga as a sports in the school, it was fun though. I was never thought of being a yoga teacher that time but I was very much sure after few years haha I just loved it, it`s my hobby and passion, never get tired… 🙂

After finishing my school, I have done graduation degree in Hindi, Samskrit and Philosophy and then master degree in science of living, yoga and meditation. Also I have studied Vedas, Ayurveda and Naturopathy. 

I started teaching to kids when I was 16 and I loved it, that was the moment when I decided to be a yoga teacher. Since then I have been teaching with various yoga schools, institutes, ashrams worldwide.

Teaching 1000`s of international students 200 and 300 hours yoga teacher training courses since 2012. Establishing a solid students community worldwide.  

I strongly believe in Vedas, traditional teaching/knowledge of yoga. I love to share the ancient, true knowledge in my teachings. 

I always have been a part of non-profit organisations in India & Cambodia. I teach various classes and workshops in park, schools and university to make people aware and let them know the importance of classical yoga apart of that we do various activity to help in rural area, giving back to community.

I am co-founder of Avana Yoga school India & YTTC director at Tavoos Yoga school Cambodia. I am also yoga and wellness director at Aim Divyam Foundation India.

I love to share the practice of yoga in a traditional, simple, calm manner, with precise and clear direction. Bringing depth and understanding of the true teachings of yoga. Personal grace and honor to this sacred practice is always maintained to the highest level. 


Feedback & Reviews

Few words from my beloved students

I was very blessed to meet and take classes with Yogi Madhav. His quality teaching allows creates a warm, welcoming, inspiring and focused learning environment. Madhav is a generous teacher giving an insight to his in depth knowledge of all comments and aspects of yoga. He is a professional, caring, inspiring and passionate educator. His smile and laugh lights up the room and keeps you smiling and inspired to keep trying.



Yogi Madhav is an exceptionally talented, patient, kind and skillful teacher. He has the correct balance between instruction and support as well as body focus and spiritual guidance and advice.
I would not hesitate in any way to recommend him to anyone. Those who are fortunate to take his classes or train under his guidance are truly blessed and I have no doubt will be delighted with his abilities.



I had the pleasure of having Yogi Madhav as my teacher in my 200-hour RYS TTC in India in November 2014. Madhav is an excellent teacher and such a kind-hearted person. He is very skilled and easily demonstrates and explains all asanas. He explains benefits and corrects students with ease! He is very professional. Furthermore he has such a kind and openhearted personality and unlike a lot of other teachers he lives according to what he teaches! He is very good at connecting with students in a professional manner.



Yogi Madhav is such an pure and kind soul. I have never met some one like him before. His energy is positive and he always has an gentle smile on his face. He has this natural talent to teach, inspire and stimulate students and let them lead to or beyond their own limits. He lives the life of Yoga and he preforms all asana’s perfectly. Really inspiring. I believe Yogi Madhav is really gifted to have these natural talents and his gentle and kind personality is one of a kind!